empowers internet users
to keep their personal data private. Puts You in Control of Your Own Data

Our easy to use tools and patent pending privacy solution ensure that you always have complete control over how and when your personal data is accessed or shared.

  • Take control of the information you want to keep private
  • Grant access to your data only as you deem appropriate
  • Keep your data from being shared or used irresponsibly or against your wishes
  • Easily manage your settings through a simple control panel


We’re Introducing Privacy to Your Online Experience

Truly Private Search

When you browse the Internet through, your searches will never be seen, stored, or accessed by any single person or entity. Still, you can choose to keep and revisit your search history, or delete it forever. We offer more utility than search anonymizers, and more privacy than search engines! We invite you to read and learn about the patent pending solution that we deploy to make this possible.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Privacy

We believe that an individual’s privacy should be valued and protected and we’re doing everything we can to help protect people’s personal data and information. We’ve introduced private search, but we’re not stopping there. We have more exciting new privacy tools in development and on their way. Check back often to learn about our new privacy services!

Unparalleled Protection for Your Data

Using a patent pending privacy solution, we have the only truly “forgetful” system in which no single entity (including us) can access any user’s personal data without explicit consent.

When you call back your data (your search history, for example), the useless bits of information get decrypted, re-assembled, and presented back to you. At all other times, your data is unreadable, unreachable, disassembled, and useless.

When you use a service, all of your personal data is immediately encrypted, sliced up, and distributed between geographically dispersed non-profit organizations. These non-profits are set up specifically to be stewards of user data.

Why non-profits? They are better designed to protect your data than a for-profit company. Read more about it here.

For details about the technology behind our data privacy solution, check out our FAQ, or download our white paper.

Start Searching Privately!

  • 1. Set up your account in 30 seconds
  • 2. Choose your privacy settings in the control panel
  • 3. Search privately and maintain control over your personal

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