It’s Data Privacy Day!

Data Privacy is a serious topic. It’s a topic we deeply and passionately care about and a topic we work hard to create awareness around. Today, we hope you’ll celebrate the internationally recognized holiday by taking the time to evaluate and consider how well you are keeping your own data protected, and to consider what other steps you can take to be safer online.

We embrace data privacy day and hope that it has a wide reach in bringing public awareness to the data privacy issues and risks that we know to be huge, but all too often overlooked.

IT in Canada – “Preventing Privacy Perils”

This article has some great commentary by Rob Neivert, our Chief Operating Officer, on the state of data privacy, and the practices we’ve put in place at to help people keep their information private. In the article, he explains “If companies don’t have the information, it can’t be stolen or misused, and they can’t…