Why do I need an account with Private.me?

Creating an account with Private.me puts you in control of your private data. With an account, you can control your data settings and restrict access by service providers. You can also safely and privately store information for later access (such as your search history when using the Private.me search).

What information will Private.me be able to access?

We only access your data on a need-to-know basis. Using Private.me, your data, in entirety, is only stored on servers at nonprofits set up specifically to be stewards of your information. These nonprofits are part of the Data Neutrality Administration. Each nonprofit only has access to small, encrypted, sliced bits of your data, so no single entity can access your information without your explicit approval. Read more about that in our white paper.

Why is my data stored with nonprofits?

In order to provide the highest level of data privacy and security, we’re using a patent pending technology solution commercialized by Standard Clouds, Inc.. The solution slices, disburses and stores data within nonprofits that are set up to be more secure and inherently more strict in how they handle user data.

The nonprofits, which are part of the Data Neutrality Administration, are set up with strict bylaws and regulations governing the access and use of any data stored on their servers. Their bylaws forbid the nonprofits from sharing, either among themselves, with other member nonprofits, or with third parties, information that is stored on their servers, unless authorized by the owners of that information. Additionally, each member of the nonprofits’ board of directors bears the fiduciary responsibility for safeguarding users’ information. The board’s governing responsibilities are not only collective; individual board members are bound by the legal obligations of protection, loyalty, and obedience. Federal law enjoins the board to ensure that no inappropriate private exposure occurs that might result in individuals who can influence the affairs of the nonprofit to control organizational assets. Further, U.S. IRS regulations on intermediate sanctions designate the board as the only body with the authority to approve our organization’s major financial transactions. For more information on this, you can read our white paper.

Why would I want any of my data to be kept and stored?

There are many reasons to keep and store data when you know it won’t be shared or misused. When you store your data, you don’t have to re-import the same information each time you use a service. Also, for utility, storing data helps you to be more efficient. With Private.me search, you can revisit your search history and go back to your favorite or most frequent searches quickly and easily.

Are search results through Private.me as good as the results I get through other search engines?

Yes. Search results are pulled from the top search engines, and are as accurate and comprehensive as any other search site.

When I use the search on Private.me, which information stays private?

In your control panel, you can set your privacy and access settings. It’s important to note that when you search the Internet through the Private.me site, you can keep your search history private. However, your privacy controls only work for your search data and on our site. Once you click through and go to a third party site, or give personal information to another website, your data and privacy is not protected through Private.me. Any information collected by a third party website, even if access originated through a private search on our site, is subject to the third part company’s data handling policies and processes.

What happens if I forget my username and password?

Because we are strict with our dedication to privacy, you won’t be able to reset your password unless you’ve filled out security questions in your account and can answer them accurately. We encourage you to set your security questions and answers when you create your account. You can do this by logging into your account, clicking on your email address at the top right hand corner of the page, and selecting “Password” from the dropdown menu.[/accordion-item][accordion-item title=”How do I set my privacy controls?”]When you create a Private.me account, you will have a control panel that sits between your service providers and your data (which is stored with nonprofits). This control panel will have settings that allow you to either 1) deny the provider access to your data, 2) allow the provider access to your data only when you are logged into the provider’s service, or 3) allow the provider access to your data at all times. To set or change your controls, log into your account, click on your email address in the top right hand corner of the screen, and select “Control Panel.”

I pressed the red button to delete my data in the control panel. Can I get it back?

No. We’re committed to your privacy and you are in complete control of your data when using Private.me. When you delete your data, it is gone. There’s nothing we can do to access it or get it back; and that is for your benefit. You can always import your data again and start over if you wish, but we cannot retrieve deleted data.